Moving Division

Since 1980, TAMEX has specialized in national and international moving, by sea, air, and land. It has acquired a wide range of experience in the solution of each and everyone of the problems which arise during a move, simplifying the headache which a a move represents for everyone.

With TAMEX, only when you leave your old home, you’ll notice that you have changed places.

International Moves

We reach the furthest corner of the world with the same safety and guarantees as if it were a local move.

National Moves

We can organize a move to nearby locations or the other side of the Iberian peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands. In either case, our experts will provide you and your family with a maximum level of safety. We also offer storage services for furniture and other commodities.

Furniture Storage

The solution to your space problems: 2500 square meters of warehouse, carefully controlled and regulated in terms of temperature, humidity, and safety. We not only offer storage for your possessions but guarantee their care and preservation.

Moving Office

Moving an office, a company or a business, means more than just move. With TAMEX the move can be carried out with maximum speed and efficiency. We know that work is something that cannot wait.


We offer total relocation services which boast special features.